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Dances of Universal Peace

Come and celebrate renewal of the Earth, of the Spirit...






Murshida Darvesha Victoria MacDonald is a Murshida in the Sufi Ruhaniat International, a Ziraat Experienced Farmer for the Ruhaniat, and a Buddhist practitioner. Darvesha is a Senior Mentor of the Dances of Universal Peace. She has served as Chair of the Guidance Council since June 2007 and as President of the current DUP International board of directors since January 2008. She has travelled extensively worldwide leading the Dances. Her major focus for the last 20 years has been seeding the Dances in South America and encouraging local leadership and mentorship. She is co-founder of Wilderness Dance Camp. Her areas of special interests in leading are the Aramaic work of her Sufi guide Saadi Neil Douglas Klotz, the dances of the divine feminine, and zikr. More...



Shivadam, a certified Dance leader, Mentor and representative of the Sufi Ruhaniat, served 6 years on the board of Dances of Universal Peace North America. Shivadam led Dances for the Parliament of the World's Religions in 2015 and 2018. He leads 2 monthly Dance meetings in the Phoenix area and has led across the US, Hawaii and India. He founded Wind Spirit Dance Camp in 2012 and has provided live music for Tara Dhatu over two decades, including on the 2001 and 2013 Pilgrimages in Asia, 2018 in Brasil. Leading kirtan and zikr, and with proficiency in reading, writing, and speaking Hindi and Sanskrit, Shivadam brings decades of musical/spiritual practice and travels into his leadership style.

Bernie Skydrummer - My journey with the dances started in 1973 in California. I was initiated into the Sufi Ruhaniat International by Pir Moineddin Jablonski. I soon began playing the Dumbek drum for several years in Santa Cruz with many different senior leaders. As my familiarity with the dances increased, I started learning open tuning guitar, then standard tuning. By the mid 80’s, I started leading dances in Santa Cruz. I sang in the Mt. Madonna spiritual choir for 12 years (tenor). I also studied Brazilian and African drumming for a number of years. Currently, I co-lead a weekly kirtan group (7 years) here in Utah. I also co-founded the “Baking in Beauty” peace dance camp that occurs every summer in Capitol Reef National Park. Namaste
Bo (pronounced "Boo") Brown - Attending each and every Wind Spirit Dance Camp, Bo supplies a beautiful, stabilizing heartbeat to our circles with her large djembe. Bo lives in Gila.
Miguel Molina - Miguel is an accomplished sculptor and painter, multi-instrumental musician, leader of Dances of Universal Peace, and he conducts Peruvian ceremony. Born in Peru, he now lives in Tucson, AZ.
Mansur Richard Conviser is a classically trained violinist with extensive experience as a player in professional orchestras (symphony and Baroque orchestras, pit orchestras for opera and musical theatre), a soloist (in restaurants and retirement communities), and a chamber musician. Mansur also composes and teaches violin professionally, and for decades has shared his musical acumen and humor with Dances of Universal Peace and Sufi circles and retreats across the US. Mansur lives near San Diego, CA. More about Mansur at his website, here....
Anahata is a senior teacher in the Mentor Teacher’s Guild of the International Network for the Dances of Universal Peace. She is a gifted musician, teacher, composer, songwriter, meditation teacher, DVD author and documentary film producer. The revered Buddhist teacher Shinzen Young has been her personal guide in the path of Vipassana meditation. With his encouragement she has combined the Dances of Universal Peace and Buddhist meditation techniques and teachings. She orchestrates spiritual pilgrimage to India, Nepal and Brasil. The quality that stirs her heart most, is the attribute of kindness. She is currently working on an ambitious environmental project to make Troup County (where she lives) a “zero waste” community. She lives with over hundred chickens and thirteen adorable felines. More....
~ In loving memoriam ~

Shemseddin Nickle departed this world on May 15, 2016, less than one month after our 2016 Wind Spirit retreat, where this picture was taken. Shems was attending the Hummingbird Dance retreat in Jemez Springs, NM where he left peacefully and beautifully, surrounded by many beloved friends singing him home.

It was an honor and blessing that Shems attended and served up his magnificent rhythms at our Wind Spirit camps since the very first. For his bio on this site, Shems described himself as an "Experienced Spiritual Transition Musician." Shems lived in Silver City, NM and ran the Khankah Jamila Nur there along with his beloved Basira.

For reflections and remebrances of Shems, click here.


Noorudin Alan Mong left this plane on February 20, 2016. Alan’s countenance always shone so brightly. I feel grateful to have been the beneficiary of his glow over the many years our paths crossed, and especially for his attendance, enthusiasm and beautiful Zikr leading at our Wind Spirit Dance Camps. He was with us there in 2013 and 2015, and in 2016 in our hearts.

Alan lived in Silver City, NM.

For reflections and remebrances of Alan, click here.




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  • Beautiful camping spots with some indoor accommodations including small domes, RVs and fun, hippie-era school buses - some with heating or cooling - and a sanctuary for "slumber party" style sleeping
  • RV, truck and car camping
  • Indoor heated and outdoor solar showers and laundry area
  • Compost toilets
  • Lovingly prepared vegetarian meals with the finest ingredients
  • Delicious well water on tap
  • Artful, underground sauna
  • Above-ground swimming pool
  • 4-person soft (hot) tub
  • Native American sites within walking distance, plus numerous hiking trails in beautiful hills
  • Swimming in Gila River, just 8 miles down the road
  • One indoor and two outdoor Dance/practice spaces!