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Dances of Universal Peace

Come and celebrate renewal of the Earth, of the Spirit...



Some History

Having been invited to bring the Dances to Wind Spirit, upon first visit I found our prayer banner and multifaith icons on the grounds and in the sancturary, whose sign reads: "ALL FAITHS WELCOME."


In late 2011, Shivadam received an email inquiry from the community at Wind Spirit, who wished to host a Dances of Universal Peace event or retreat on their community land. The contact was made through our DUPNA website, and the inquirer who wrote to Shivadam had no idea that he lived in nearby Phoenix!

Weeks later, when Shivadam arrived for an early-Spring visit, he felt quite at home amidst the gardens, greenhouses, sculptures, murals and prayer flags, hippie-era school bus residences, and the natural desert land, saturated with water and love and now overflowing with green and newly blossoming fruit trees; so much at home, in fact, he felt surpised that the Dances of Universal Peace had not yet happened here during the 20+ years of its existence! That afternoon, he shared three Dances with the small community as the blossoms bloomed and the wheels of a new Dance retreat began to turn....


Almost like the hub of a wheel, the lovely, earthy Wind Spirit community is situated near the geographic center of many of our SW DUP communities, south of Globe, among beautiful mountains and near the Gila River. This 16-acre intentional community with decades of history has been lovingly cultivated and has become an ideal location for the Dances of Universal Peace.

There is a large wood deck with blossoming trees to dance under, as well as a "ceremony circle" area to dance directly on the earth, and a sanctuary across the street to use when it rains or is too cold or too hot to dance outdoors.


Along numerous, tree-lined paths are found dazzling pieces of art in every nook and cranny, nooks that are perfect for setting up tents. The community has hosted events as large as 80 residents but prefers smaller events, because the staff cooks vegetarian meals for the attendees. There are many small buildings, lovingly crafted, as well as school buses, some RVs and other residential options including slumber party style sleeping in the church. The undergound sauna is very popular with the residents, and there is a new hot tub, above-ground swimming pool, heated indoor and outdoor solar showers, laundry, and very good well water out of the tap. A river awaits just down the road, with hiking trails, archeology sites and mountains all around.

What a wonderful place for a Dance retreat!



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Here is an old map of the Wind Spirit Community grounds.

Visit the vast Wind Spirit Community website for visitor information, pictures & video, and history about the land and the retreats that have happened here: http://www.windspiritcommunity.org

(C) 2012 Shivadam

  • Beautiful camping spots with some indoor accommodations including small domes, RVs and fun, hippie-era school buses - some with heating or cooling - and a sanctuary for "slumber party" style sleeping
  • RV, truck and car camping
  • Indoor heated and outdoor solar showers and laundry area
  • Compost toilets
  • Lovingly prepared vegetarian meals with the finest ingredients
  • Delicious well water on tap
  • Artful, underground sauna
  • Above-ground swimming pool
  • 4-person soft (hot) tub
  • Native American sites within walking distance, plus numerous hiking trails in beautiful hills
  • Swimming in Gila River, just 8 miles down the road
  • One indoor and two outdoor Dance/practice spaces!